Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Welcome to "NeoBlisseyX's Soundtracks Sanctuary." Here, the rarests of the rare soundtracks from around the web unite to make listeners happy!

If you wish to contribute, post a comment with your name and the soundtrack that you wish to contribute.

Stay happy,



KusanagiShiro said...

Yo, NB!

I finally got up on your blog, so I'm looking for ANYTHING Abaranger, Hurricanger or Dekaranger. I've also got a good source for you:

register and look up the Jukebox. There's a Super Sentai music request thread.

Hong Rui Raymond said...

Hey dude, I am sp1nn3r on FF shrine forum. I am requesting for the dekarangers music files. You can contact me via too. Thanks.

allyct277 said...

any chance could you repost Zenon Z3 - my contact info will be in my name and also I'll give it here -

Thanks - and nice job on web page - TREKKIES FOREVER!!

allyct277 said...

So when are you going to post the other downloads that we were looking for or could u just email me where u found or upload them from and i can find them on there also.
Thanks and good luck w/ everything!!