Saturday, April 19, 2008

DOUBLE FEATURE: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger Tokusou Sound File 1/Zenon Z3

By popular demand, I present "Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger Tokusou Sound File 1," the first of five albums featuring music from the 28th series in the Super Sentai franchise (adapted into Power Rangers S.P.D. here in the U.S.).

It consists of 35 tracks (15 of which are "S.P.D. File" spoken-word tracks featuring the cast of the series). In keeping with the modern Super Sentai Series soundtrack formula, this CD features reduced-size versions of the show's opening and closing theme songs and "image songs" plus background music score.

Next up on our DOUBLE FEATURE this month (from now on, at a random point in the month, I'll sic a DOUBLE FEATURE on ya)is the soundtrack of the 2004 Disney Channel Original Movie Zenon Z3.

This 10-track CD does contain songs that did not actually appear in the movie (like "Selena the Moon Goddess'" cover of Madonna's "Lucky Star"), however the majority of songs here did appear in the movie-like the "Z3 Remix" of "Supernova Girl" (the key song from the first Zenon film in 1999) and "The Galaxy Is Ours" (key song from Zenon The Zequel [2001], albeit here in its Z3 incarnation).

Next time, we bring you the second album in the "Tokusou Sound File" series. Until then, stay happy.


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Thanks for sharing!

The link for Zenon Z3 is dead, and I was wondering if you could re-up it.

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